donderdag 16 augustus 2007

Use to get 10k visitors to your blog

So what's up with this social bookmarking crap these days? It is taking over the internet, that's what's up with it! Are you the only numbnut left in the world of blogs not offering the oppertunity to digg your article?

Why you should get you shite Digged ASAP:
The digg community is receiving free publicity all over these days. Recent statistical research shows that more than 80% of all weblogs offer their readers the option to digg their story. Since 90% of all people on the internet are just mindless retards, it will probably be less than a year before even your granny thinks that Digg is the way to go if you need good content. Since this hype is spreading like crazy, it seems like there is no point in trying stopping it.

So what to do with this information? Simple dumbass, get your articles digged! If you can't beat them join them. I couldn't care less myself what other wankers are bookmarking, I can make my own bookmarks, and I have been doing so since the beginning of time when Netscape was a populair browser. But hey, people think they need digg? I'll let them digg.

It is really simple, just add the following code to the post or article you want digged:

<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>

After reading this incredibly useful information, it is all up to yourself. You should write articles that people find worth digging. Get readers to your blog. Since content is king nowadays on the internet, you should write articles to do that. Once you have some readers, you have people that can actually digg your story using the button I showed above. If your articles aren't made up of absolute piss, this will cause an exponentially growing snowball effect: More people reading your articles, and those people digging your articles, again even more people reading your articles, and those...

Take the bait

Welcome to "die schwalbe". Or should it be "der schwalbe"? I don't really care, as long as this blog has a name. Since this is my first post I shall warn the readers of this blog, even though nobody will probably read this post, for what is to come.

Surfing the web, the subject of SEO caught my attention. If you don't know what SEO is, then find out. Especially the phenomenon of linkbait interests me. As a sort of experiment, I´m going to try out several techniques of creating link bait. This is where the warning comes in, since linkbait will probably involve doing some controversial blogging.

My target will be to collect as many backlinks to my posts, en to get my posts to rank high in social network sites such as Digg. And I´m not going to begg people for link exchanges, it should be done using purely link bait and free backlinks. Lets see the ammount of hits I can get.

Now that you know this, be forewarned: If you feel insulted in any way, grow up! It's just an experiment. If you can't stand controversial copywriting go live in Russia you red comm... Ok, maybe I can't say that, freedom of speech in USA and the Netherlands isn't what it used to be...